Monday, 27 September 2010

Death of a Sage

Shaun's been Turned, by all appearances. In addition to several crazed comments and a new blog post, I received this email from him two hours ago.

Damn You, Return It. Damn You, Return It. Damn you, return it, damn you return it, damn you return itr damnyouretunr it damn yoiu return it dambn yuou return it damnyoiureturnitsdamnyoureturnitdambnreutururuurutgnnuureturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnreturnnnnnmnnnnnnnnn what the fuck

My only hope for him lies in that last addition. He might not be too fargone, instead being possessed for short periods rather than being fully changed. That said, this is the first occasion in which a Turned has remained in contact with people as opposed to leaving one message and disappearing. Perhaps, after all, he did establish contact, and is now a perfect conduit.

Update: I have received another email from Shaun claiming he is okay. I'm not sure if They got access to his account, or if this is part of his growing condition. Precautions will be taken either way.

The Turned awoke earlier today. She has no recollection of anything at all, but is showing signs of unintentional brain damage as a result of an imprecise attempt. She's experiencing mild Anterograde Amnesia in addition to the intended retrograde, and disorientation. At the very least, it's nice to not have to worry aboout her choking me or summoning It for a while. Another week of observation should let me decide whether or not it's safe to attempt to rebuild her memories. Out of her similarity to the girl from the fish blog, I've come to referring to her as Liz. Just another reason for M to shout at me, I suppose.

These recent happenings have led me to postpone all future testing until this gets resolved.


  1. I hate reading those emails I sent to you, and the message on my blog. Pisses me off.

  2. I am posting this theory as silmultaneously as possible on all three "Sages" logs.
    The nature of the enemy seems to be that of a sentient mental parasite, utilizing the victims' minds' latent abilities to create manifestations of itself and attack them both from inside and outside.
    Groups of infectees residing in the proximity of each other seem to amplify the effects of the infection.
    Even so, his conciousness seems to be autonomous.
    My advice: Experiment with lucid dreamers.

  3. That is a paraphrase of my own theory, but the lucid dream idea is an intriguing suggestion. I'll put it on the list of ideas to experiment with.

  4. Jay, have you been contacted by this SuspendedSerenity person? Shaun and I got some...bizarre stuff from them. If you do, then let me know, catalogue it, and then ignore it for now. I am not one to put stock in the insane ramblings of those who think that Apollo has given them clarity.

  5. Clarity not really I(Fool) merely find myself in a somewhat vexing situation. Situation untraceable or uninteresting regardless consistent research and thought has yielded no result. Fool most certainly. 'Speech' topic then explanation I find the more words I use the more muddled my point. Touching shield(sage) we are always on the defense, but that is necessary as well.

  6. Seems you have a fan, Robert.

  7. I(Sage) appreciate any and all help, and I thank her(Fool) for giving herself a proper title and continuing the codes and Titles when I slipped up...although she might be too harsh on herself. Anyway, interesting stuff Little Sage brought back with him...more testing needed.

    Although I(Sage) think the /Agents/ are starting movements again...

  8. What did you mean 'a self-protected mind'?


  9. The term is self-explanatory. I believe your particular condition (protected by "The Jersey Devil") to be an utter fabrication, created by your mind as a defence against The Slender Man. You truly, honestly believe yourself to be protected, thus it happens. Alternatively, your conviction is strong enough to produce this alternate figure when It attempts to manifest via your thoughts.

    Telling you this may well compromise that protection, hence my initial reluctance to explain myself. However, by this point, I'm reasonably certain that there is no absolute defence - attempting to mimic your conviction using hypnotherapy and strong medication failed in numerous test subjects, though that may well be due to the brief time in which I could achieve it in them.

    And such protection won't keep the Turned at bay.

  10. Truly disconcerting.

    You would have me believe that I am insane, but...I know what I have seen. I believe very strongly in what I have seen, and I have seen the Jersey guards these Pines and myself from Kalek.


    The Turned. The Minions of Kalek? They stalk my home these recent nights, and the Devil has grown wary. Should he attack them...would it prove your theory wrong?

  11. Not insane. The religious hold God's existence with a similar conviction - but then, they aren't stalked by a creature using the mind to achieve form.

    That conviction is what will keep you alive. Stick with it.

    And if that is your own name for them, then yes. And while it wouldn't prove the theory wrong, it may help shed some light on what your Devil is, exactly.

  12. Don't have much time left. I'm unsettled by how close Kalek is getting today, while I am out picking up food and supplies.

    What the Jersey Devil is...well, I find that He is a noble creature. He is good and just, and only punishes those who truly deserve it. Why he has not attacked the Minions, I do not yet know.

    Thank you for your time and help. I will return contact with you when I am able.