Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sighting Update 05/09/10

I've decided to pair my Sighting notes with the rest of these notes. It simply makes sense to combine all available data if I'm of any hope to survive this thing.

Whatever It wants, it appears my immunity is continuing strong. However, signs of it slipping extend beyond the paranoid feeling of my trip to the Hotel - at approximately 10:30pm on Wednesday, I glanced up at an apartment block in the city centre. Of all the rooms in all 14-something stories of the complex, only one room was lit. And in the window stood a dark figure with a pale white head. As I looked back after a few seconds, the light was out.

This is the first time that I have possibly observed a direct manifestation of The Slender Man. I am still adamant that my Imprint Theory holds true, and this observation would back it up - while I still appear to be protected from Its influence by my deadened emotions and general lack of use as a Turned, my continued research into Its affairs has begun to cement Its existence as a fact into my brain. And the stronger I hold this fact as a truth, the stronger the manifestation will be. How long will it remain a shadow in a window, I wonder. Could it be days before I start seeing something twice my size standing beneath a lamppost?

Or, y'know, I could have just seen some office lackey gazing out at the world before returning to the drudgery of perfectly scheduled napping. I hate my pathetic, paranoid little brain.


  1. If it was him, I hope he puts his tentacles through your window right now, pulls you out and throws you from orbit.

  2. What do you mean "A Turned"?

  3. This is the third time I've had to write this comment. Something is interfering with my system.

    A Turned is a being that, for whatever reason, is turned to the Slender side of this game. I believe you may know them as a Hallowed - a term I find too thick with religious connotation to be taken seriously.

    Common consensus is that a victim of Turning gradually has their personality stripped back until The Slender Man has complete control of their will. I personally argue that there is insufficient evidence for such a conclusion to be drawn so readily.There is every chance that a personality is merely suppressed, or Turning is merely a type of possession.

    Basically, each one is another Masked Man from Marble Hornets.

  4. Turning... My other half is a victim of that. My other personality.