Friday, 24 September 2010

Further progress

A1, perhaps better known as Becky, is recovering well. No visitations have occurred since her extraction, though she remains on edge and freaked out of what's left of her mind. However, previous memories are flooding back to her, and her mental fortitude is picking up remarkably quickly. She should be ready for release in a week or so.

Latest personal visitation remains the failed attempt of one in my room. What is most interesting are the details that I seemed to overlook at the time - my bedroom, being small, meant that the apparition, however brief, was limited to being six feet tall at the very most. Much smaller than most claim It to be. Similarly is the ringing sound, like silence amplified. I am certain the dull ringing of the quiet is louder where It attempted the manifestation, though that could be paranoia playing into things.

In fact, all of this could. I could have really just had a dream of a dream about The Doctor fighting "the Rajahn." Still, it felt too real, like It had tried to make impossible progress, resulting in the flickering form and more obvious entrance. I could feel my head pound as my strength was used to summon It, in ways beyond a simple dream. I wonder if such feelings will return during tomorrow's test.

I will be personally overseeing the fifth repetition. Let's see if I can meet It through the use of a conduit.

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