Saturday, 25 September 2010

First Contact, plus complications

Fact: The Slender Man has been proven to have an intrinsic link with the human mind, exampled in both Its means of targeting and in the Turned.
Theory 1: Brain activity will alter during visitation.
Theory 2: Having one or more people present during a visitation will cause the brain activity change to be split between each person.
Theory 3: The more people present, the more powerful the visitation.
Theory 4: My personal presence will act as a damper on this brain activity.

Method 1: Three test subjects were given basic electroencephaography (EEG) equipment and data loggers, and placed in an elevator unit of different deserted buildings. Once inside, the subject set up the equipment, and waited for a visitation. This usually came within three hours. After ten seconds of exposure, the subject was instructed to ascend to a higher level using the elevator, wait for another visitation, then repeat. This would go on for a further time. Then, the subject would ascend to the top floor, where they would rendezvous with another test subject for the second stage of the experiment.

Results: All subjects showed some form of focal epileptiform discharges that began a short while before visitation began, and cut off immediately afterwards. Worth noting is that on one occasion, the data loggers recorded two simultaneous visitations between 20:08 and 20:10.

Method 2: The pair then entered the elevator together, and repeated the experiment. After four repetitions, the pair were to immediately leave the building. Two groups were armed with fire extinguishers, one with two doses of Midazolam.

Result 2: Anomalous. In a seemingly random pattern, severity of the abnormal activity varied between the pairs. In one instance, the activity was only observed in one individual. However, there is a faint overlying trend of the majority of activity remaining in one of the partners of the pair.

Side-result: Fire extinguisher was applied to one manifestation. Ineffective. The subject was then Moved to a rural welsh village - contact was only re-established two hours ago. Midazolam failed to induce amnesia in the pair that took it, but the relaxing effect of it did partially ward off the manifestation. It watched from a doorway as the two walked sauntered past it, remarkably cheerful due to the drug.

Result 3: Group activity did indeed cause the strength of the visitation to increase. The distance between manifestation and subject decreased dramatically when in pairs as opposed to singles, and it was only when two were aware of It when Martin could be Taken.

Result 4: inconclusive.

As I prepared for my own sub-experiment, we were attacked by The Taken. There were four of them. Joeseph and I arrived on the bottom floor only to have them ambush us after twenty minutes' wait. One of them managed to get into the elevator before the doors shut; a disshelved, blonde girl with a tattered grey "beanie" hat. Joeseph was surprisingly agile in the situation, taking his Epipen of tranquilliser and jamming it in our attacker's neck. It fell to the ground. As the doors opened to the top floor, They attacked again. Joeseph... remained behind to deal with them, slamming the ground floor button on his way out. His face...

No, apologies, this is purely documentary work. Must stick to facts.

I got to the bottom floor of the building and managed to drag the unconscious Turned to our transport. After taking her to a secure facility across town, I restrained it in a chair and applied anaesthetia. This particular chair was designed in use for The Last Resort, as such all necessary equipment to attempt a Cure was there. I then sent out an emergency message to my two colleagues, and debated on what to do: attempt the cure, dissect it, or destroy it. Each had its benefits - the biological changes to a Turned, if any, could shed some light of Its origin location. Destruction ensured it couldn't act as a conduit, or be of any further hazard.

Robert answered first, recommending I attempt to drug her into an interrogative state. The plan seemed acceptable, right up until it regained consciousness.

Then It arrived.

From the shadows, It stepped into the centre of the abandoned warehouse, seemingly revelling in the moment. They had always claimed Its additional limbs to be tentacles, but I can only describe them as insect-like; thin, jagged, and moving like feelers through the air. It stopped, turned to me, and began advancing. The Turned greeted it as Master, and began laughing uncontrollably.

Panic took hold over reason. I knew the Turned was the source, and the only thing I had to hand was a syringe full of Kainic Acid. A long, sharp, robust needle and a restrained Conduit. The needle found the familiar place, almost as if by reflex, all without me taking my eyes off the arrival. The laughing ceased, and something emanated from It. Like frustration. It charged towards me, faster than anything I've seen in my life, and... It touched me. Just before it flickered out of existence, some razor-sharp, finger-like tendril graved my chest. The burning sensation was incredible. After it subsided, I checked the Turned. It was still alive, miraculously. Later observations suggested I successfully applied the cure to the correct area.

I'll continue to observe it until I'm sure it is no longer a threat. I'm not sure how much kainic acid was injected, and at what rate, but if it comes out with any cognitive function at all I'll consider it miraculous.

On a personal note, today has been too eventful for my taste. I've tried calling Joeseph's number a dozen times, I keep receiving the "currently unavailable" message from O2. My nerves are shot, and I still had to deal with re-educating A1 on these matters. Why do all bad things have to come at all goddamn once?


  1. Apologies. I accept the responsibility for being causative for your current condition and the loss of the assets, and I am sorry for your colleague. I suggest that you get a full physical, including blood work for any form of pathogens. Also treat the wound as if you had been gashed with an infectious agent. We don't want any further complications.

    I'm amazed that you received such a violent assault. I can't help but think that Shaun needs to watch out for /Agent/ attacks next. Also...I don't know if it was because they were focused on your assault or if this is a new tactic, but since the assault on my home. I've had Zero Contact. Nothing. No visitations. No /Agents/. Nothing.

    Disconcerting. Anyway, shame the fire extinguisher didn't work. Half expected that to be the case though. /Construct/ is adaptive. Please let me know if you find anything that should be called to my attention for -Origin-, Weapons, or the -Grand Theory-.

  2. Now fire extinguishers are ineffective? Bleh, I was considering buying one.
    Two simultaneous visitations is very interesting; is there any way you can perform more tests on that? Was it two separate Slender Men, some form of time travel on his part, or is he capable of manifesting in multiple places?