Sunday, 12 September 2010


The Imprint theory is, at present, the most likely scenario, not to mention the one with the most hopeful implications. As such, I will assume that the items proposed in my previous entry, are by and large, true.

This still leaves me far from any useful deductions, however.

By far my biggest hurdle is understanding the method by which It can sense Its surroundings. It has no notable sensory organs, and does not navigate through touch. One possibility is that It uses Its victims to process sensory information for Itself, or even by using thoughts and emotions in a similar manner to how we use light - creating a sense of vision by detecting the strength of the impulses to imagine Its surroundings.

However, considering Its existence as a manifested creature, the more likely scenario is that any physical interactions are purposeful illusions. There is a high probability that It can only exist when the victim causing the manifestation believes it exists, through vision or imagination of Its placement in the surroundings. This would explain why all three of my sightings have been at far range - my lack of conviction of Its existence produces weak, half-illusions, capable of little more than brief appearances from far away. The worrying thing to note is that this distance is slowly closing.

For all the doom and gloom of this entry, I have discovered a means of permanent protection against It. Regrettably, it hasn't yet been proven, and requires testing. Not to mention it is essentially the same as suicide.

Meanwhile, it seems Shaun is going to attempt to communicate with his own manifestation. The results will be intriguing, if he manages to get out alive. If he truly believes it to be perfectly real, and creates a scenario where he directly interacts with It, he could very well never make it back to upload his results.

For now, M seems the most likely source of reliable information. Regrettably, I am just one of many bombarding him for answers, and he barely updates once a week as it is.

Testing of The Last Resort should be concluded within a fortnight. I have already begun preparations, and it seems I have five potential test subjects, in addition to the three I recruited previously.

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