Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Results: The Last Resort

Fact: The Slender Man selects targets based on prior knowledge of It, having some way of knowing what minds are away of It and which are not.
Theory: It uses this same method to track victims.  Ergo, should an individual have those memories erased, It will cease to hunt them.

Eight test subjects were chosen based on the severity of their symptoms. Each case was despairing, paranoid, depressed and convinced they were about to die. The eight were randomly placed into two major categories, and then into Control pairings and treated pairings. Each of the eight were placed under anaesthesia, and the live tested individuals were given a 10mg/kg dose of Kainic Acid directly to their hippocampus. In each case, this caused rapid onset of retrograde amnesia. Category A patients were placed in their home environments, while category B patients were placed in new settings. This was to ensure whether or not environment bears a factor on treatment's success.

Control pairs A and B did not make it four days. Two were Taken before intervention could occur. One fled his home, and the final one was Taken within the hour before intervention arrived at her home.

Both live B subjects remain free of infection, as does subject A2. The fourth, subject A1, began exhibiting symptoms after a week. She was extracted before any harm could come to her, and is currently recovering under my personal care. Recollection trigger was accidental re-descovery of Marble Hornets. Symptoms progressed faster than in an ordinary case. A2 has been removed from his home environment to ensure similar results do not occur.

Conclusion: Perfect amnesia is a suitable cure to infection. However, even the slightest recollection causes It to return. Remaining three patients remain under observation. More research into less invasive treatment procedures is necessary.


  1. That's odd. Judging by your results, 'perfect' isn't exactly the correct word. Amnesia doesn't appear to be a cure, but a new way of running.

    Interesting though. Despite disagreeing with your methods, you seem to gather a lot of data. Good for you.

  2. Apologies, that was a typing error: I meant to say perfect amnesia is a cure to infection. Partial amnesia is not.