Friday, 17 September 2010

Miscellanious Update 17/09/10

Control pairs A and B are dead, missing, or otherwise unaccounted for. Such was expected, but needless to say I'm disappointed by how quickly it happened. Not four days after testing began, they were taken. I suppose paranoia got the better of them and created a strong enough manifestation to attack them.

Meanwhile, the remaining two test pairs appear to be functioning normally. Of the four of them, however, A1's observed behaviour has become erratic, signalling possible re-infection of knowledge. The trial will continue for a further week before definitive test results can be declared. It will then take another month to see if Kainic Acid infusions are required periodically, or if a single dose is enough to be rid of It permanently. I personally hope that is not the case - my supply is extremely limited, and securing enough for the test pair was a struggle in itself.

Despite the seeming Success of The Last Resort, I still have to continue research if I have any hope of engineering less extreme remedies. On the plus side, this test has revealed just how easy it is to procure willing test subjects through incredibly easy means. in fact, I have already launched preparations for First Contact. It seems fortunate that I am so close to a mental hospital; any apparatus will be simple enough to acquire.

Progress has been made on procuring answers from M, though. Apparently walking towards a manifestation is sure to cause death, though as of yet I have no ideas how this fits in with my theory. It's a simple enough scenario to replicate ad finitum, perhaps I can observe anything unusual that may explain why It cannot harm one until they approach It.

On a less hopeful note, my own manifestations have increased in severity and frequency. The last sighting was three days ago, from a severely reduced distance. While it lasted little more than a second, it was still enough to confirm my suspicions - I am now a target, and my defences are beginning to fail.


  1. Jay(Sage), thank you for approaching the /Construct/ in the similar manner as myself(Sage). I'm sorry that we share similar titles and possibly similar fates...anyway, I have a query that I think might allow the -construction- of a countermeasure.

    If it 'slumbers' then it has an -Origin.- Do you think it's -origin- is more likely to be in the woods (Most often seen area) or in a Disused Urban Area (Need to be near humans)?

    Also, get some fire extinguishers. I sprayed one of mine at Him in frustration, during a visitation, and it caused a retreat. No idea if it was a result of the extinguisher, the act of defiance, or if the /Construct/ had already performed its purpose. Either way, it's worth a replication for the record.

  2. Have you considered an application of alprazolam? There's been stated examples of memory loss. If you combine it with a statin...say Atorvastatin then it could induce enough chemical trauma to cause some form of memory loss without being as invasive as your current method. Although the damage to the body might be as comparable...more study is needed.

  3. The problem with such amnesic agents is twofold: Firstly is the form of amnesia - Retrograde is the form that deletes former memories, thus cleansing a person of any Knowledge, while Anterograde causes difficulty in creating new memories. While it may prove effective as a temporary ward (test scheduled 28/09/10) it is equally likely to merely heighten one's fear of the unknown and leave them highly vulnerable to attack.

    Secondly is the duration of memory loss. If the chemical agent is not strong enough, the memory loss will be short term at best. And as soon as you Remember, you'll be a target again.

    As such, I was unsure whether a change in environment and identity would be beneficial after Amnesia was induced. Confirmation is pending, but current progress suggests it is.

  4. Also, a clarification request on the term "Origin" has been sent to your blog. Fire extinguishers will be delivered to each of my contacts with instruction to use on visitation, should It appear close enough to warrant such a measure. And I can test it personally during First Contact this weekend.

  5. Repeating information from my(Sage) blog for redundancy. Shaun, You, and I(Three Sages) HAVE to get a better way to connect and organize our data so we can be more efficient.

    Absolute Origin, I(Sage) have a new Theory on the development of -instruments- that hinges on determining, location, and exploration, of /Construct's/ -origin.-

    My(Sage) finding with the residue has made this a priority. And data you(Sage) can get is welcomed.

  6. I agree on that front. Perhaps form one universal blog for such a thing. Unfortunately, Shaun doesn't respond to emails, and there's every chance he'll listen to M over logic (i.e. "Ignore that Jay, fellow. He's insane!")

    There's also a 38% likelihood of him being dead already.

    As for developing instruments, that's going to be tricky. As outlined in the comment on your blog (as in, read I believe the Origin of our mutual subject is in some form of borderworld reality, using whatever mental ability the human collective mind has to manifest through into this dimension.

    Finding a way into it, then, would probably involve a way of detecting where It goes after It Moves. My current plan is to find a way of summoning a visitation while monitoring the brain activity of a test subject - it'll hopefully double as a way of repeating your extinguisher attack.

  7. Try to collect more of the Substance. Wait until you see what I've found, it's very exciting.

    Interesting though. You(Sage) are working primarily on defense, while I(Sage) am on offense and Shaun(Sage) is working on Abilities of /Construct./

    There's a precedent for this, the -Sword, Shield, Shroud- -Concept.- It's actually making my -Core Theory- stronger...but I don't want to go into that High Concept stuff yet, physical firs, then move onto the more Faith based concepts.

  8. In which case, the physicality of the construct is entirely questionable. in all likelihood, It doesn't become physical unless the manifestation is strong enough. Visitations are mostly hallucinations to build up fear in a target, convincing them that the threat is real, before striking out.

    Could just be a dream, but not one hour ago I had a very real experience - I took an afternoon nap (long day of work) earlier. Pretty normal stuff for most of it. Usual bizarre scenarios; I was living in a house full of friends who were being held captive by terrorists, and The Doctor from Dr Who was skulking around. Then It showed up. The Slender Man. It went around killing all of them in horrific fashions, then It turned on us. Meanwhile, I looked at The Doctor, and his face was just a sight of pure horror, as he whispered the word "The Rajahn."

    I woke up to a state of near-sleep paralysis, still groggy form waking prematurely. Then my head started pounding as the natural sound of silence began increasing in volume. As I struggled to turn my head and look up, I saw It. Flashes of It, flickering into existence from a central point near my bedside. I tried to block out the effect, and get up, and then... I'm not sure, either I woke up for real (highly likely) or something happened that I blocked out. Checked outside again immediately after, and no sign of It so far.

    Probably just a dream, but it's the first time I've ever had a dream within a dream. I wonder if there's any significance at all. I would mention it to M, but he's decided I'm some sort of monster for recruiting additional help and has taken up deleting my comments.

  9. I(Sage) agree completely on your(Sage) supposition of the physicality of the /Construct/ when it manifests on -This Side.- It's actually a supportive element of my Grand Theory.

    Rajahn...indian in origin. Usually just a basic name...I never consulted Indian -Concepts.- My mind instantly jumps to the creature known as the Rakshasa...interesting, but something for later. However, I doubt our problems will be solved by a gentleman with a bowtie and a noise-based household appliance. We can't fight -Fiction- with fiction.

    Ignore M(Hermit), he's a slave to his own fear sadly. Good on him to keep running and help others to run, but he's not one with courage. In some sad way he's more similar to A(Coward) than Zeke(Mystic).

    Anyway, need to post my findings on the Substance, incredible stuff.

  10. Rajahn actually has a meaning? I thought it was just my brain running along with your indian Tiger analogy and applying a nonsense term to It. Interesting. Still, dreams are 94% likely to have little meaning beyond recounting the day's events. Still, I don't think I'll be sitting around in silence any time soon.

    You really ought to share your Grand Theory at some point. M is an important asset in this, we should still listen to what he has to say. Not necessarily follow his advice, but listen to it all the same.

    I read your findings. I'm leaving a comment there as we speak.

  11. Shaun is trying to get in contact with you, Rob. Just in case you see this comment but not his. Post an email address sometime.