Thursday, 7 October 2010

Results of Re-Indoctrination

The subject is now fully integrated with the Hivemind, capable of perceiving the thoughts of the individual in addition to the whole. Certain streams of consciousness can be directly traced to an origin point, while others can be ignored altogether. She cannot clearly remember her own past, and it is doubtful she ever will; her memories are an amalgamation of all of the Turned, to such an extent that focusing too much on her own past causes an intense migraine and may even cause her to pass out.

Still, she has given a vast expanse of useful knowledge. She knows Its true purpose, the means by which It can influence human minds, and what It will achieve by "the final plan". I know this because she knows this. It isn't exactly surprising - Robert's been hinting at it for months, though with some notable mistakes. Like mistaking the liquid for swampwater. Sages, expect an email to come through within the next twenty four hours. Time is of the tch tch come in. Oh, hi Liz hi John we need to talk. Why are you talking to yourself? Oh, I'm publishing the results of the earlier experiment, I use voice to text for expediency. Oh will it ?crayon not its fine I'll edit this out later. Just let me turn it offer no time, he's coming.

Liz, we need to go. How far away is he?

He's ?[error: cannot find word]? we have to go we ;\[;@£$.;.';\%£."d';.i".;&%;.'.;'\)(!)(*%_*;'' Sha'\;\'/ not'k; aun.\\'; Not himself, he just doesn't know it.

Liz, stand still.

Shit, they're still here. Note: unconcious Turned still act as conduits.

This will be my final entry. Liz is locked in this room with this computer. The Turned will try and disconnect the power soon, so I must be brief. There is no escape for me. The moment I close my eyes, It will come. The only thing I can do is make sure they don't take her, too. Zero, I know you'll be reading this. You know this was a possible scenario. Well, act on it. To everyone else... I'm not sure what to say. I would say keep trying, but... After what she told me, there isn't a lot of hope left to come out of this. Just a few notes. We can't stop him. We can cut him out of our own lives, but that won't kill It. It will always exist, and we can't stop it. We can save people, but we can't win. Next, It's started breaking the rules. Anyone It wants dead will soon be so. Stay away from anyone, people. Anyone i've had contact with, run. whatever happens to me, They might get my memory. You aren't safe.

Just run.


The other sages have gone quiet. Everything is silent. Half of my contacts are failing to respond. Something isn't right, and I can't help but feel something terrible is about to happen. It may even be due to my progress with Liz.

She remembers now. And yet her personality remains. Shaun was right, the Turned are a hivemind. Their thoughts are in her head, and she has all their memories. If she so wished, she could even directly link her mind to The Slender Man. Any attempts at this have resulted in severe distress, and in the most extreme cases have required immediate sedation due to violent outbursts, where she clawed at her head in attempt to "get him out."

I have another session with her in a few hours, hence the shortness of this update. Progress has been remarkable but troubling. Some memories match those of people The Slender Man has killed, rather than just those that have been Taken. In addition, she claims that the voices are growing louder. Whatever that means, it surely can't be good.

After I post a full document, I'll relocate too. If she's connected, It can use her as a strong conduit again. That won't help anyone.

Monday, 4 October 2010


I've decided to try and give Liz her memories back.

In the week since the Cure was administered, she has been normal enough, but is questioning the validity of her makeshift identity at every opportunity. It's only a matter of time before things begin to flood back, and I'd rather it be now, while defenses are strong. Progress will be slow and therapeutic, avoiding mention of The Slender Man as long as possible. Hopefully this will prevent immediate Turning.

Robert is making dark progress in his own work. He claims to have remotely seen Its realm, and has deciphered whispers emanating from The Slender Man. I remain cautiously skeptical - bursts of progress are one thing, but such overwhelming information seems atypical of It. Anything comes from accident, or as part of Its plan. If the latter, it's almost certainly false.

Maybe I'm just pulling at straws here. I don't like the idea of being torn apart slowly.

Activity is increasing, and It has begun ignoring the rules. For all of Thursday, I was followed wherever I went. Always at a distance, but it happened even when in tall places, and no matter where I went It followed me, quickly. If i didn't have Yakety Sax on my phone, it might have been unnerving. Note to self: test the effects of ambient music on Visitations.

Well, I certainly have Its attention now. Here's hoping we finish the job before It gets us.