Monday, 4 October 2010


I've decided to try and give Liz her memories back.

In the week since the Cure was administered, she has been normal enough, but is questioning the validity of her makeshift identity at every opportunity. It's only a matter of time before things begin to flood back, and I'd rather it be now, while defenses are strong. Progress will be slow and therapeutic, avoiding mention of The Slender Man as long as possible. Hopefully this will prevent immediate Turning.

Robert is making dark progress in his own work. He claims to have remotely seen Its realm, and has deciphered whispers emanating from The Slender Man. I remain cautiously skeptical - bursts of progress are one thing, but such overwhelming information seems atypical of It. Anything comes from accident, or as part of Its plan. If the latter, it's almost certainly false.

Maybe I'm just pulling at straws here. I don't like the idea of being torn apart slowly.

Activity is increasing, and It has begun ignoring the rules. For all of Thursday, I was followed wherever I went. Always at a distance, but it happened even when in tall places, and no matter where I went It followed me, quickly. If i didn't have Yakety Sax on my phone, it might have been unnerving. Note to self: test the effects of ambient music on Visitations.

Well, I certainly have Its attention now. Here's hoping we finish the job before It gets us.

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