Thursday, 7 October 2010


The other sages have gone quiet. Everything is silent. Half of my contacts are failing to respond. Something isn't right, and I can't help but feel something terrible is about to happen. It may even be due to my progress with Liz.

She remembers now. And yet her personality remains. Shaun was right, the Turned are a hivemind. Their thoughts are in her head, and she has all their memories. If she so wished, she could even directly link her mind to The Slender Man. Any attempts at this have resulted in severe distress, and in the most extreme cases have required immediate sedation due to violent outbursts, where she clawed at her head in attempt to "get him out."

I have another session with her in a few hours, hence the shortness of this update. Progress has been remarkable but troubling. Some memories match those of people The Slender Man has killed, rather than just those that have been Taken. In addition, she claims that the voices are growing louder. Whatever that means, it surely can't be good.

After I post a full document, I'll relocate too. If she's connected, It can use her as a strong conduit again. That won't help anyone.

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